2 thoughts on “Wealth in America … something to consider in the coming year

  1. What should be obvious is sometimes the furtherest from it. Thanks, David for the cogent reminder. One thought: maybe a persuasive appeal to the 3,000 1%ers is needed. They need to be reminded that their billions (trillions in aggregate) were acquired using the stability, infrastructure, economy, and labor of our country. Clearly paying taxes is anathema to them, so why can’t they be convinced to volunteer back some percentage (maybe only 10-20%) of their earnings to specified descrete projects. They hate government and will not support its efforts, so why not have them take charge and step in and do what they are preventing government from doing, which is bolster our country’s badly sagging education, infrastructure, and support systems. Besides providing much needed employment, their efforts could start to bring back the middle class which, after all, is the market for the products that earned them their riches. Their obscene wealth is currently just sitting in protected accounts, robbing too many of us of a happy, healthy life. David, doesn’t this sound just like the job for you?

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