California’s water … worth a thousand words

Between 70 and 80% of the water used in California (some figures go as high as 85%) is attributed to agriculture.  Of that, the majority is used to raise animals for food, a highly inefficient use of our water.

… and you tell us take shorter showers? Flush less often? Hmmmm…

Drought from Space

One thought on “California’s water … worth a thousand words

  1. I remember in middle school learning how much water it took to create one hamburger. Since then, I’ve always remarked at how large my footprint really is. For 7 years, I lived in Portland, relying on foot, bike, and public transport for getting around town. I prided myself on not contributing to environmental problems by having and driving a car when I didn’t “need to”.

    And then I thought about it some more, and my one or two international trips a year, plus laptop/phones, etc, really make a huge impact, event though I never considered them. It can almost become paralyzing when we realize exactly how large of an impact we have in a global economy. But I think moving beyond that fear, and making better decisions about what we buy, eat, waste, experience, etc, is crucial. Don’t live blindly, but be aware about what you’re choosing.

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